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Creating a Culture of Quality

  • "Through Malaysian Standards (MS) & Accreditation Schemes, we will continue to offer a broad choice of safe and reliable products and services, improving the Rakyat's quality of life."

  • "With our Environment Management Standards as well as the processes for energy efficiency management, we are committed to the agenda of sustainable business growth and development."

  • "With MS, Malaysian products and services will gain wide international acceptance, increasing trade and access to global markets, enhancing economic value."

A Purpose-Driven Institution... 

Standards Malaysia was established on 28 August, 1996 and is governed by the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549), an agency under the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Over the past 17 years, more than 6300 Malaysian Standards (MS) have been developed to meet the demands of 24 core industries as well as to offer pragmatic global solutions.

MS Status as of Minister Approval on 6 January 2014

To gain a competitive advantage in global export markets, Malaysia - through Standards Malaysia - is also a member to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electro-technical Commission (IEC). Owing to this, the Malaysian Standards (MS) are recognized by many countries.

Similarly, with world-class accreditation services, 4 flagship accreditation schemes, and Malaysia's very own Malaysian-accredited Logo; Standards Malaysia is well positioned to introduce Malaysia and Malaysian products and services as reflecting the best in quality and safety for the world.

Read more about the 4 Flagship Accreditation Schemes

Standards Malaysia continues to be a signatory to the following, which opens up a whole world of opportunities for Malaysian Products and Services:

  • Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA)
    • Asia Pacific Laboratory Accrediation Cooperation (APLAC)
    • International Laboratory Accrediation Cooperation (ILAC)
  • Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA)
    • Pacific Accrediation Cooperation (PAC)
    • International Accrediation Forum (IAF)

Annual Report

Annual Report 2012

We would like to reach out to all Malaysians to join us in making a difference to our nation, helping us to develop a demand for high quality products by creating a quality-conscious culture...

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Annual Report 2011

The year 2011 marked another milestone for STANDARDS MALAYSIA as we celebrated our organisation's 15th anniversary...

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Terms and Conditions for Accreditation of Standards Development Agencies

The Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) is the National Standards Body as well as the National Accreditation Body ...

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Requirements for Standards Development Agencies

The Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) has established a set of principles, requirements and policies to govern the development of voluntary Malaysian Standards (MS)...

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Highlights - Pemberitahuan Sebutharga

Sebutharga bagi membekal, memasang, mengkonfigurasi, mengujiterima dan mentauliah peralatan ICT di Jabatan Standard Malaysia. Maklumat lanjut : Klik disini  

Highlights - Solid Waste

Workshop On Application of MS 2505:2012 Guidelines for Sampling of Household Solid Waste More Info : Brochure 1 | Brochure 2      

Highlights - Langkah Penjimatan

Langkah Penjimatan Dalam Perolehan Kerajaan i) Had Nilai Pembelian Terus bagi Bekalan & Perkhidmatan ii) Had Nilai Kerja-kerja Requisition Maklumat lanjut : Klik disini  

Highlights - MS ISO 15189:2014



Interschool Olympiad Moots Innovative Way To Educate Future Citizens And Consumers More info : Click here

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