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  • 01 July 2015
    Success Stories

    As the sole national standards and accreditation body of Malaysia, we have grown in our remit over the years - from development of standards to educating the...

  • 01 July 2015
    Tender / Quotation 2015

    Not available

  • 30 June 2015
    APEC Workshop

    This workshop is aimed to initiate efforts in building up capacity and capability of EQA providers, especially in developing economies of the APEC region. This project will benefit EQA...

  • 26 March 2015
    Incubator Virtualization Model (IVM)

    Incubator Virtualization Model (IVM) is a Business Model for Strategic Collaboration on VirtualServices that allow technopreneurs to garner the advice of an...

  • 15 January 2015
    34th APLAC MRA Council Meeting, Hong Kong


    34th APLAC MRA Council Meeting, Hong Kong, 8-9 January 2015

    Standards Malaysia represents Malaysia, maintains...

  • 19 December 2014
    Brand new tools for public policy

    The least one can say is that policy makers have a difficult job. Elected by a certain portion of the population, they must do what is best for their...

  • 20 November 2014
    Congratulations, Malaysia via Standards Malaysia

    Congratulations, Malaysia via Standards Malaysia was accepted as a new member of the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) — news from Istanbul, Turkey

  • 10 October 2014
    Pengumuman Khas YBhg. Datuk Fadilah Baharin

    Congratulations to YBhg. Datuk Fadilah Baharin, Director General of Standards Malaysia was conferred with the Datukship’s State Awards (D.P.S.M) by His Excellency Tuan Yang Terutama Yang...


14 Dec

SMIIC Halal Conference

19 Nov

Majlis StAr Awards (Majlis Anugerah Standard & Akreditasi)

Popular Standards

Quality Management System(QMS)
Environmental Management Systems(EMS)
Occupational Health and Safety
Food safety management systems- Requirements for any organisation in the food chain
Information Security Management Systems
MS ISO 50001: 2011
Energy Management Systems
Halal Series:
MS 1500:2009
Halal Food
MS ISO 1900:2005
Quality Management Systems –Requirements from Islamic Perspectives
MS 2424: 2012
Halal Pharmaceuticals - General Guidelines
MS 2200-1: 2008 & MS 2200-2: 2013
Islamic Consumer Goods Part 1 and
Islamic Consumer Goods Part 2


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