Centre Of Global Competitiveness
Standards Malaysia is in the process of following up on outstanding invoices issued to Conformity Assessment Bodies accredited under Standards Malaysia's accreditation schemes (SAMM, ACB, MIBAS, MyPTP, MyGLP).
It is COMPULSORY for all outstanding invoices to be paid by 16 July 2020.
Standards Malaysia will not hesitate to SUSPEND ACCREDITATION if the CAB fails to pay or update Standards Malaysia on these payments.
For further information or to check for outstanding invoices, please contact the following:
  1. Pn. Marshitah binti Bahar (No. Tel:03-80082765; emel marshitah@jsm.gov.my);
  2. Pn. Nor Fatimah binti Munin (No. Tel: 03-80082774; emel fatimah@jsm.gov.my);
  3. Cik Nurul Syafiqah binti Ahmad (No. Tel: 03-80082764; emel nurulsyafiqah@jsm.gov.my); or
  4. Cik Siti Sarah binti Ramly (No. Tel 03-80082770; emel siti_sarah@jsm.gov.my).
Please ENSURE that payment is made to Standards Malaysia's latest account in accordance with the method of payment.
Standards Malaysia will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused for payments not made in accordance to the latest payment methods and procedures.