ACB Accreditation Charges

(Effective date 15.8.1995 - Re-endorsed on 11 July 1997)
RM5000 per application / programme.
The validity of each application is only for 2 years from the application acceptance date. As such, the applicant is given two (2) years to gain accreditation after which, the application is considered lapsed or unsuccessful.
The applicant will be entitled to pay full application fee if the applicant would like to continue to obtain accreditation after the validity period.
2.1 Local Assessor the assessment fee would be RM1000.00 for each assessor day.
As an approximate guide, some 2 to 4 assessors are normally involved in an initial assessment for accreditation. In addition, technical experts (s) maybe required in a particular assessment. Regular surveillances are at about six month intervals and requires 2 to 4 days depending on the size of the certification body.
2.2 Overseas Assessors Contracted by Standards Malaysia and Standards Malaysia local assessors performing assessment at overseas CB's site or operation.
Actual professional charges, costs of return flights (business class) and accommodation arising from engaging Overseas Assessor(s) will be charged directly to the certification body.
There is no charge unless assessment is involved.
Annual fee for each accreditation programme is RM5,000.00. First annual fee will be invoiced upon successful application for accreditation. Thereafter, the accredited certification body will be invoiced yearly for the second and third year.
Reassessment will be carried out towards the end of third year giving sufficient time for recommendation report to be considered for the renewal of accreditation. Upon successful renewal, the accredited certification body will again be invoiced the subsequent annual fees.
  1. Quality Management Systems (QMS) against criteria
  2. Assessment Fees (Including witnessing of certification audits)
  3. Extension of ScopeThere is no charge unless assessment is involved.
  4. Annual Fee
  5. Reassessment
  6. Appeal Fee = RM 1,500


Bermula 1 Januari 2019:

1. Fi Pemprosesan
a) Permohonan Baru RM 2,000.00
b) Permohonan Tambah Program RM 2,000.00
2. Fi Tahunan RM 2,000.00 per program
3. Fi Penilaian
a. Fi Penilaian bagi Penilai Ketua Penilai RM 1,500.00 sehari atau RM 750.00 (jika kurang daripada 4 jam)
Penilai RM 1,200.00 sehari atau RM 600.00 (jika kurang daripada 4 jam)
Pakar Teknikal RM 1,000 sehari atauRM 500.00 (jika kurang daripada 4 jam)
b) Penilaian Pemerhatian RM 1,000.00 sehari atau  RM 500.00 (jika kurang daripada 4 jam)
4. Penilai kontrak luar negara yang dilantik oleh Standards Malaysia (berdasarkan keputusan Majlis Akreditasi Malaysia ke-10 pada 10.09.96) Caj profesional sebenar, kos penerbangan pergi balik (Kelas perniagaan) dan penginapan sepanjang penglibatan penilai luar negara akan dicaj terus kepada makmal/ badan pemeriksa/ badan pengujian kecekapan/ fasiliti pengujian
5. Penilai yang dikontrak oleh Standards Malaysia untuk menjalankan penilaian luar negara Berdasarkan sebutharga
6. Fi Rayuan RM 1,500.00