Think Certification, Think Integration

It is the in-thing today that certification of management systems are implemented via Integrated Management Systems (IMS).  IMS combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations. IMS may consist of more than one management systems such as Quality (QMS), Environmental (EMS), and Safety (OHSMS) management systems combined and managed together.  They are not separate systems joined together, rather they are integrated management systems with linkages so that similar processes are managed and executed without duplication.  IMS is envisaged to:
  1. Provide consistent objectives, planning, and document management,
  2. Reduce implementation and operation cost as duplications are eliminated
  3. Reduce time, allocation of fund and human resource and
  4. Increase productivity in managing management systems
  5. Maximise return on investment and increase profit
IMS should be managed by trained resources with relevant competencies on the relevant management systems to be integrated.  The figure below depicts the overview of IMS.