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MyHIJAU Programme
Aims to promote the sourcing as well as purchasing of goods and services that are environmentally friendly.


Includes :

1) My HIJAU Mark to provide clarity and address any confusion arising from the multitude of eco-related labels offered to businesses and consumers. Products with the MyHIJAU Mark provide Malaysian consumers with the certainty that internationally recognised environmental and ecological standards have been met in the manufacture of these certified products.

2) My Hijau Directory
A comprehensive guide to a wide range of green products and services, systematically categorised with detailed information and description for consumer reference.

The directory is available in both electronic and printed format and contain products and services from various categories such as agriculture, building and maintenance, commercial and industrial, consumer products, energy, office supplies, recycle and waste, transport and others.

Benefits for Participating
Products or services that carry MyHIJAU Logo shall be entitled to enjoy the following incentives:
a) Green income tax allowance and green income tax exemption as announced in the National Budget 2014.
b) Opportunities to participate in the government green procurement.


For product
1) MyHIJAU Directory is opened to companies who manufacturer, import, distribute or sell Green Technology products in Malaysia.

2) Only products certified under schemes recognized by GreenTech Malaysia (under MyHIJAU Program) is eligible to apply.

For Service
1) The applicant company must be able to demonstrate the competency of at least one managerial/supervisor level in providing the green technology services either through evidence of training or registration with a professional body.

2)The applicant company must use green products for providing the green technology services.

3) The applicant company must demonstrate green practices through procedure or guideline on environmental management.

4) The applicant company must provide evidence of income generated from the provision of green technology services

Standards Covered

MyHIJAU Environmental Certification Schemes

1) SIRIM Eco-Labelling Scheme daripada SIRIM Berhad
2) Energy Efficient Labelling daripada Energy Commission
3) Water Efficient Products Labelling Scheme daripada National Water Services Commission

How to Apply

Procedures for Applying in MyHijau Directory

1. Application for registration
The following information shall be provided and submitted with the application forms:

For product
a) Company‘s name, address and company registration number
b) Manufacturer's details
c) Information of the products applying for MyHIJAU Product
d) Certificate that shows products has been certified according to the environmental scheme prescribed in Annex I

For Service
a) Company‘s name, address and company registration number
b) Information of the service applying for MyHIJAU Service
c) Company experience in the form of resume and copies of relevant certificate of the company's personnel in providing the service
d) Procedures and guidelines on environmental management
e) The latest available company's financial statement

2. Verification
On receipt of an application, GreenTech Malaysia shall verify the validity of all documents submitted.

3. Notification
Applicant will be notified of the result within 5 working days upon receipt of all necessary information requested. A confirmation letter and relevant information to be displayed on MyHIJAU Directory will be issued to the successful applicant.

4. Validity
The MyHIJAU Labelling membership is valid for one financial year from the date of approval. Application for renewal shall be submitted to GreenTech Malaysia not later than 1 month from the expiry date together with renewal fee of RM50.

5. Use of MyHIJAU Mark
The product or service that have been successfully listed in MyHijau Directory shall be entitled for the use of MyHIJAU Mark. Guideline for the use of MyHIJAU Logo can be obtained in the registration form.

Contact Details

Tel: 03-8321 0800
Fax: 03-8921 0801/0802

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