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Halal food – General requirements

Most popular Halal Standard is being revised, with the current draft now free to download and comment.

MS 1500 - Halal food - Production, preparation, handling and storage - General guidelines (second revision), one of the most widely used halal standards, has now been made available as Draft Malaysian Standards (DMS), a stage in its revision process.

Like other MS standards, MS1500 is reviewed every five years and now being revised to ensure its relevancy and up-to-date.

At the DMS stage, all interested stakeholders can submit feedback that will be considered before the final draft is published by mid of 2018.

The main changes in the new draft relate to its formatting and the importance on management responsibility.

  • the title of has been changed to "Halal food - General requirements;

  • incorporation of clause on "Normative reference";

  • incorporation of definition on "halal competent authority","non-halal", "fatwa" and "sertu";

  • introduction of requirements on halal integrity, record management, religious practise and

  • staff participation in the "Management responsibility";

  • introduction of Muslim facilities in "Premises and equipment";

  • deletion of clause on "Slaughtering process" and its annex;

  • amendment and improvement on various clauses for clarity

  • a number of changes in terminology.



16 April 2018 – 15 June 2018



The draft of MS for public comments can be downloaded free of charge. Please click HERE to download the document.

If you would like to make any comments on the draft of MS, kindly use the provided form. (Please click HERE to download the form)

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