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IIN (Issuer Identification Number)

Issuer Identification Number (IIN) identify a card issuing institution in an international interchange environment.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has introduced a standardised numbering system for the identification of card issuers. It is described in the following standards:

  1. ISO/IEC 7812 - Identification of cards - Identification of Issuers: Part 1: Numbering System
  2. ISO/IEC 7812 - Identification of cards - Identification of Issuers: Part 2: Application and registration procedures

All IINs assigned are six digit numbers and each card issuer is entitled to one IIN (outside of its membership of any card schemes, for example an IIN assigned from Visa). Therefore only one IIN will be assigned to each card issuer. This IIN must be used only to identify the card issuer. Additional IINs will not be issued to identify products, services or geographical location.


Copies of ISO/IEC 7812 Part 1 & 2 Standards are available at the Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) Library for reference and can be bought at SIRIM Bhd Library. They can also be purchased online on ISO Website (ISO).

Application form is contained in ISO/IEC 7812 Part 2, Annex A and is also available upon request from STANDARDS MALAYSIA. Photocopies of this form are acceptable. They can also be download through STANDARDS MALAYSIA website(Standards Malaysia).

The applicant must complete Part A of the form as clearly as possible. Specific sections of the form that may require careful consideration by the applicant are:


In this section of Part A of the application form, applicants should from the categories listed choose the industry that is closet to the core business of the card issuer. They should not choose a category that matches the intended use of the card. If the business of the card issuer is not listed, then applicants should state clearly what their core business is. The industry chosen by the card issuer will decide the Major Industry Identifier (MII), the first digit of the IIN. The MII does not in any way restrict or limit how the card can be used.

Brief description of card usage:

Applicants should state the intended use/service that the card will perform (debit card, credit card, ATM card, etc). Organizations requesting a six-digit international IIN should select "International Use" in this section.

The IIN is assigned by the registration authority appointed by ISO which is now American Bankers Association (ABA) in USA. Therefore to having specific series of IIN is out of STANDARDS MALAYSIA jurisdiction.

ABA requires processing fee USD 32.00. Payment shall be made via credit card by completing the credit card authorisation form. The form can be obtained at STANDARDS MALAYSIA.

Getting the IIN

STANDARDS MALAYSIA will inform officially the IIN assigned to your organisation. The IIN shall only be used to identify the card issuer. Having only IIN means that you must use this IIN in such a way that it can identify all products, services, geographic locations and technologies that you offer now or might wish to offer in the future. Even if you cannot envisage any new products now, you must plan for them. Applications for a second IIN are automatically rejected by the Sponsoring Authority (STANDARDS MALAYSIA).

In today's world where new card products and services are being introduced almost daily, it is vital that proper preparations for your company's future card business begins now.

Planning the use of IIN

Your application for an IIN probably means that you are currently developing a card product. This might be a debit card, credit card, health care card, loyalty card, etc. However, before you proceed, it is advised that you structure your Customer Account Numbers (digits 7 to 18) in such a way that you can reserve specific ranges of account numbers to identify future products, services, technologies, or brands. In order to do this, we suggest that you use one or more digits of the Customer Account Number (see figure 1).

Figure 1 - Example of a Primary Account Number (without any spaces)

IIN fixed length 6 digits assigned by Registration Authority Customer Account Number assigned by card issuer Check digit
(Variable up to 12 digits including any spaces) Digits 7 - 18
1 2 3 4 5 6   19

The PAN is comprised of three components:

Your company shall complete the application forms and submit the following documents to the STANDARDS MALAYSIA: -

Kindly, please submit the complete forms to: -

Department of Standards Malaysia
Century Square, Level 2,
Block 2300, Jln Usahawan
63000 Cyberjaya, SELANGOR
Attn: Director of Standards

  1. How can I obtain copies of ISO/IEC 7812 Standards Part 1 & 2?
  2. How can I obtain application form?
  3. How do I complete the application form?
  4. Who is actually assigning the IIN?
  5. How much is the registration fees?
    • The IIN - used only to identify the issuing institution (first 6 digits)
    • Customer Account Number - should be used to identify products, services, geographic locations and technologies, in addition to identifying individual cardholders (7th digit up to 18th)
    • Check Digit - used to check that the account number is valid (digit 16 or 19 pending on the account number length).
    • The first 6 digits cannot be used for any identification other than to identify the issuer to whom the IIN is registered. However, any of the next 9 to 12 digits can be used to identify products, services, geographic locations and technologies.
  6. How to apply for the IIN?
    1. ISO/IEC 7812 Part 2, Annex A
    2. Credit Card Authorisation Form
    3. Borang 9