Education about Standardisation

What is Standards Education?


Standards are cross-cutting, it cut across various level of lives, sectors, technologies and expertise.  World without standards will be awkward and chaotic.  Transport and trade would become impossible. The Internet would not function. Hundreds of thousands of systems dependent on information and communication technologies would falter or fail from government to banking, healthcare to air traffic control and emergency services to disaster relief.

Conformance to standards will not only assist businesses to meet international regulatory requirements and to broaden market access, it protects the users at all level of the supply chain contributing to public safety, health and protection of environment.

Moving forward, the role of standards and conformance are becoming more apparent in today's borderless world. The awareness on the importance of standards are increasing that countries began to impart the knowledge on standards to their national education systems.  China, Korea, Netherlands and Indonesia are well ahead that knowledge on standardisation is now part of the national education syllabus in schools and Institute of Higher Learnings (IHL).

Education about standardisation is a massive programme on its own involving key stakeholders such as Ministry of Education (MoE), Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs) and smartpartners such as Standards Users. Gaining support to have standardisation as teaching modules in schools and IHLs remains to be challenging over the years.   Pathing the ways requires a framework for orchestrated action of major stakeholders in Malaysia, with national level leadership, initiatives and vision, which is supported by coordinated and implemented actions.  While working on the framework, Standards Malaysia continues to work on projects, programmes and collaborated activities with Standards Users, schools and IHLs to create visibility, increase awareness and promote social demand for quality products and services.



  • To raise awareness on standardisation, its characteristics and its benefit.
  • To teach the youngsters to appreciate standards and create social demands on the use of standards.
  • To inculcate quality culture in the society that ‘regulates' manufacturers and service providers to adhere to standards.
  • To get buy in from relevant stakeholders specifically Ministry of Education in ensuring successful incorporated elements of standards and conformance in national education system.
  • To prepare the future workforce with embrace quality culture that will results in quality, reliable and high performance products and services.


Programe under Standards Education

1.  Jelajah and Standard Olympiad

Standards Malaysia had taken a first step for Outreach programme in 2012. The pilot project was held at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Saujana, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan participated by 50 students. The continuity from that pilot project is the Olympiad programme which was successfully been held in 2013. The project was collaborated with Association of Standards Users (Standards Users) and was held in two levels; the regional and national level and it is open to lower secondary schools only (students aged from 13 to 15 years old). The national level is the grand finale for Olympiad which only the top 10 schools were participated in this three days program. The Olympiad 2013 was won by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandaraya, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A part from this Olympiad, Standards Malaysia had invited the winner, SMK Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu and the second runner up, SMK Aminudin Baki to join the International Standards Olympiad on 11-12 August 2014. 


Figure 1:  Representatives from SMK Aminudin Baki in the 9th International Korean Standards Olympiad, Anseong Korea


Figure 2: Representatives from SMK Bandaraya, Kota Kinabalu Sabah in the 9th International Korean Standards Olympiad, Anseong Korea


Figure 3: Standards and Accreditation Awards giving ways to the schools which have won gold and silver medal in the 9th International Korean Standards Olympiad, Anseong Korea


As for 2015, Standards Malaysia plan to send out two teams from upper and lower secondary schools to join for International Standards Olympiad 2016. To achieve this target, Jelajah Standard 2015 will be open to lower secondary and upper secondary students. It will be conducted in 13 states start from April until August 2015. Activities and the outcome as below: 



2.  Speak Up


Video competition and 'SPEAK UP' is a program aligned to Hari Pengguna Malaysia (HPM) and it is organised as an initiative to promote application of standards as tools to provide solution for selected community problems such as energy efficiency, food safety, product safety and social responsibility. This project is an effective tools to promote community leadership at school level. It encourages project participants to actively search for information related to standards and use this information among others to implement solutions to overcome problems faced by the community.


3.  Train the Teacher

Standards Malaysia had conducted a workshop for teachers to ensure that standards education is delivered effectively. The main objective is to provide the knowledge on education about standardisation among school teachers (Train the Teachers). The workshop was conducted in 2006 with supported by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism. At the same time, the Young Consumers and Standards had published and had been used as training materials for teachers. A year after, the Train the Teachers program has been collaborated with Standards Users. The program has been first implemented on April 2008 at Pearl International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur with 22 participations which included teachers and representative of consumer organizations. In 2013, the TOT is successfully held with approximately 200 teachers participated.

As for 2015, TOT will be conducted in 13 states and it will be running concurrently with Jelajah Standard. The activities and outcome are as below:


4.   Institute of Higher Learning (IHL)

Activities on standards education development have been done since 2011 where Standards Malaysia in collaboration with Ministry of Higher Education and Institute of Higher Learning had organized the workshop on Development of Education about Standardisation for Developing Countries in partnership. Meeting with stakeholders were held on April 2012 and Standards Malaysia is suggested to table the proposal on education about standardization during Deputy Vice Cencellor Academic Meeting. Standards Malaysia were invited as a speaker during ‘Program Pembelajaran berkenaan Standardisasi' with University of Nottingham in the same year. On 2013, a Workshop on Global Education about Standardisation for Institutes of Higher Learning was held on 3 April at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Putrajaya, collaborated with Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) and Standards Users. A potential collaboration between Standards Malaysia and Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) was discussed and identified on 23 May 2013. This potential collaboration will be a part of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will be signed in 2014. Together with that, a collaboration with Razak School of Business, UTM Perdana is still in progress, in conjunction with the syllabus development for Master programme.


5.  Young Professional

As a member of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Standards Malaysia is responsible to search and suggest candidates for IEC Young Professionals Programme. The Young Professionals Programme is programme organised by IEC to provide opportunities to shape the future of international standardisation and conformity assessment in the field of eletrotechnology. This programme is beneficial to those who want to enhance networking opportunities among professionals from the same field as the programme cultivate a long term environment for the involvement of young people from all over the world in international standard.

This programme is eligible to all Malaysian aged between 20 to mid-30 years old, worked in IEC related business and experienced in standard development or used standards in context of conformity assessment. Selected candidates will be trained and involved in Technical Committee meeting as a preparation for IEC Young Professional Workshop. 

Figure 4: The participants and secretariat for National Young Professionals Workshop held on 9 December 2014 in Pullman Hotel, Kuala Lumpur



The Education about standardisation programme is driven by the National Standards & Accreditation (NSA) Framework. This 4 years Framework will consolidating the roles of both standards and accreditation in defining ‘quality' for better business, better economy and better life. NSA will greatly emphasis on the following aspects:

  • An evidence-based, documented approach to establish the economic value of standards and accreditation, to encourage wider usage. 
  • Greater understanding and awareness amongst multiple stakeholders on the need to demand as well as deliver minimum quality assurance or guidelines, creating a culture of quality at both industry and consumer levels.

  • Engagement with and participation of a network of standards and accreditation users, developers & regulators – locally, regionally and internationally to help improve technical references for measurement.

  • Educating and involving the consumers in creating awareness and demand for standards and accreditation; with a positive shift of consumer confidence towards adoption. 

  • Representation of Malaysian capabilities on global stage in pioneering and promoting standards and accreditation that aid innovation. 


To get further details about standards education programme, please contacts:

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