CB Area

Korean Regulation for Approving Reliability of Certification, Assurance Agency for Labels, Advertisements of Foods and Livestock Products
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1.       ISO/IEC 17021 Part 2


1.    Briefing on Importance of Certification and Strategics Reform Initiatives (SRI) to National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) by Director of Strategic Planning

2.    Briefing on SME Grants/Incentives by SME Corp

3.    Briefing on MIDA Grants/Incentives by MIDA

4.    Briefing on the Updates of the Accreditation Schemes by Scheme Manager

5.   Briefing on the Persatuan Makmal Akreditasi Malaysia (PMAM) by Dr. Sani Ibrahim

Briefing by Regulators in conjunction with World Accreditation Day 2016: Accreditation A Global Tool to Support Public Policy

1.     Ministry of Health, Malaysia

2.     Department of Environment (DOE)

3.     Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH)

4.     Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)


Isu-isu Forum 2016

Forum With Certification Bodies- Year 2014

  1. Update on ACB Scheme

  2. MKPI

  3. PAC Tech-003


Forum With Certification Bodies- Year 2013

  1. Update on ACB Scheme

  2. E-accreditation


Forum With Certification Bodies- Year 2012

  1. Forum Bersama Badan-Badan Pensijilan 2012

  2. Pre-Requisite Programs (PRP) & Critical Control Points (CCP)

  3. Medical Device Classification

  4. TWG Medical Devices


Forum With Certification Bodies- Year 2011

  1. CB Forum 2011 presentation slide


Forum With Certification Bodies- Year 2010

  1. Forum with certification bodies- Year 2010

  2. PROs & CONs of having multiple Accerditation marks

  3. AJA Presentation