World Accreditation Day

The accreditation community worldwide celebrates the World Accreditation Day on 9th June annually. World Accreditation Day 2017 focuses on how accreditation delivers confidence in construction and the built environment.

"Accredited testing, calibration, inspection and certification provide suppliers, purchasers and specifiers with assurance that construction projects run efficiently, construction sites are safe and reliable materials are used. They also provide Government and Regulators with reliable evidence that completed projects meet regulatory compliance, and existing buildings continue to be safe to use."

Joint Statement by Xiao Jianhua, Chair IAF, and Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, Chair ILAC

Standards Malaysia has accredited more than 50 accredited testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies in the construction fields. Credible accreditation services provided confidence in ensuring the testing, calibration, inspection and certification activities related to construction are done by competent organisations. We also work closely with agencies such as Public Work Department (JKR), National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia, where accreditation is used as toolkit for regulatory compliances. ILAC and IAF have established the portal to demonstrate how accreditation and other conformity assessment activities being valuable tools for government to address its needs and deliver results. The WAD 2017 brochure also provides insight the role of accreditation in addressing the issues related construction and built environment.

Download: WAD 2017 Brochure | WAD 2017 Poster | WAD 2017 Constuction Cartoon Image