It's the special time of the year again for the Accreditation Community all around the world.

9th June every year, Accreditation Bodies celebrates World Accreditation Day with accredited organisations, industry players, regulators and public as part of the efforts to raise awareness on the benefit of Accreditation.

WAD 2019 celebration focuses on how accreditation provides added value to supply chain. Accreditation provides vital tool in ensuring the quality of the products and services delivered to the consumers, business and public sectors.

From testing of a product, certification of manufacturing process and inspection of shipment, accreditation provide a framework that benefits everyone along the supply chain. Through international arrangement, the products and services which met the specification can move across the border, thus facilitating trade.

This year, as the National Accreditation Body, Standards Malaysia continues to spearhead the accreditation activities in Malaysia, particularly in upholding the quality of our local testing, calibration, certification and inspection services.

We would like to invite everyone to share your thoughts on accreditation on the social media. Please tag us, @StandardsMalaysia with the hashtag #WAD2019 and #adastandarduntung.

Happy World Accreditation Day to all.

Datuk Fadilah Baharin
Director-General Standards Malaysia


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