MS User & Success Stories

  • "Our efforts have been to engage, educate and empower the younger generation along with businesses and entrepreneurs toward establishing Malaysian Standards (MS). These beneficiaries and users of MS are a testimony to the continuing success of our reach and implementation strategies, towards local and global competitiveness."

  • Launched in 2011, the award for ‘Users of Malaysian Standards' is a form of national recognition awarded by the Government of Malaysia to the main users of Malaysian Standards (MS). Three (3) winners are selected every year based on the nominations received and their financial capabilities, standardisation participation and usage. This award is for businesses of all types and sizes and is not limited to particular types of businesses or industries. 


    Any company or business registered and operates in Malaysia equity may apply to be considered for the award.
    Category I: Company/business with annual sales of less than RM25 million
    Category II: Company/business with annual sales between RM25 million to RM50 million
    Category III: Company/business with annual sales of more than RM50 million
    The judging will be based on the following criteria:
    Use of Malaysian Standard(s) (which priority would be given if the standards are used on a voluntary basis) in their:
    1. manufacturing activities, or
    2. provision of services; or
    3. agricultural activities and/ or
    4. procurement activities.
    5. others (please state)


    The organisation has obtained:

    • certification from certification body accredited by Standards Malaysia; or
    • accreditation from Standards Malaysia for its laboratory
    • accreditation from Standards Malaysia (for certification bodies)
    Additional marks for organisation which directly involved in standards development process such as being members of Standard Development Committees or other involvement related to national standardisation activities including actively giving comment to draft Malaysian Standards issued for public comment, involvement in events on promotion of standards and actively involves in international activities.
    Number and background input of Malaysian Standards (MS) purchased in the last three (3) years.
    Note : Standards Malaysia has the right to visit the company for verification or related activities.
    The following award and incentives will be given to the winner of each category:
    RM5000 for the winner
    A trophy and a certificate
    A column of the success story in Standards Malaysia's website
    Form: Form A | Form B

    Recipients of the Appreciation Award for Users of Malaysian Standards (MS) 2015



                       Ben Fortune Pastry Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
    Syarikat Mas Awana
    Heveaboard Berhad


    Recipients of the Appreciation Award for Users of Malaysian Standards (MS) 2014


                       CCM Fertilizers Sdn Bhd

    Recipients of the Appreciation Award for Users of Malaysian Standards (MS) 2013


    SC Johnson Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd

    Recipients of the Appreciation Award for Users of Malaysian Standards (MS) 2012


    CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd
    " We believe that Halal standards will assist in alleviating the challenges that come with the expanding Halal industry albeit the different regulatory requirements in registering products in various countries. "
    Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
    " To date, a total of 245 MS had been developed with the involvement of FRIM especially in the Standards Development Committees. Most of the developed MS are used voluntarily while selected ones are mandatory. "

    Recipients of the Appreciation Award for Users of Malaysian Standards (MS) 2011


    TNB Research Sdn Bhd (TNBR)
    " By conforming to Malaysian Standards (MS), we have been able to enhance Project Delivery Performance with zero delays, structure our processes and documentation, improve business and financial performance and above all, deliver with professionalism towards better customer confidence. "
    Hume Cemboard Industries (HCI) Sdn Bhd
    " With Malaysian Standards (MS), we have been able to differentiate our products for greater competitive advantages. "