Chemical tests and analysis on products and materials.

Biological, microbiological and biomedical, testing and measurement, including examinations of foods, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Testing of electrical and electronic components, instruments and equipment including commercial and industrial equipment and household appliances.

Including thermal characteristics of building materials, fire testing such as tests evaluating fire resistance, ignitability, flammability, etc., of products and materials.

Mechanical/physical and metallurgical testing of material and products. Includes tests such as tensile, rupture, elongation, elasticity, hardness and fatigue on materials.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Examination of materials, components, and assemblies to detect defects without damaging the material, component or assembly. Tests include radiography, ultrasonics, penetrants, magnetic particle and eddy currents.

Radioactivity Testing
Radioactivity test and analysis on materials and sample.

Household Pesticide
Includes testing on the following scopes; mosquito mats and electric liquid vaporizer, space spray aerosol, residual spray aerosol, direct spray aerosol, mosquito coils, cockroach baits, mosquito skin repellent, household rat baits, smokeless paper mosquito coils, mosquito gels an other similar products.

Testing for chemical products, manufactured products, cosmetic and skin care products, medical devices and also wastes and environmental samples.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) including electromagnetic disturbance test and immunity test.

Includes testing on the following scopes; bacteriology, mycology, serology, virology, parasitology, pathology, molecular biology, clinical pathology, immunology, prions, chemistry, feed analysis, animal nutrition.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)
Analysis for detection and quantification of GMO covers both DNA and protein based methods.

Nucleic Acid
Requirements for accreditation of laboratories involved in nucleic acid testing in a broad variety of sample that provide services in particular fields related to molecular biology and/or genetic analysis.

DNA Profiling For Forensic Science
Comprises of DNA Profiling for forensic DNA profiling and paternity testing using DNA method.

Analysis Of Accelrent In Fire Debris For Forensic Science
Includes testing for fire accelerants in fire debris for forensic science testing laboratories.




Heats And Temperature Measurements
Including heat, temperature and humidity measuring equipment.

Electrical Measurements
Including the calibration of electrical and electronic instruments and equipment.

Mass And Mass-Related Quantities Measurements
Including measurement of mass, density, pressure, force, hardness, viscosity, flow, and volume and the examination of machines and instruments used in these measurements.

Optical And Photometric Measurements
Including measurement made with and on optical and photometric equipment and instruments: measurement of colour and surface smoothness (reflectance, gloss); measurements involving visible (light) and near-visible (infrared, ultra violet) wavelength of radiation.

Dimensional Measurement
Including various length and dimensional calibrations work.

Acoustic & Vibration Measurement
Including measurement of environmental noise and mechanical vibration, calibration of acoustic and vibration measuring equipment, acoustic and vibration characteristics of materials and structures, audiometry, measurement of sound power, acoustic and vibration performance tests and dynamic balancing.

Radioactivity Measurement
Including the calibration of radiation measuring equipment.




1. Anatomical Pathology (Cytopathology)

■             Gynaecological Cytopathology (GYN Cytopathology)

■             Non-Gynaecological Cytopathology (Non-GYN Cytopathology)

■             Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

2. Anatomical Pathology (Histopathology)

■             Diagnostic Histopathology

■             Intraoperative Frozen Section

3. Chemical Pathology

■             General Chemistry [General Chemistry for Blood, Urine and Body Fluids; Blood Gases and Co-Oximetry; Therapeutic Drug Monitoring; Limited Clinical Toxicology (Paracetamol, Salicylate, Benzodiazepine, Paraquat)]

■             Toxicology (Clinical Toxicology, Drug of Abuse Testing, Heavy Metals and Trace Elements)

■             Special Chemistry (Hormone and Metabolic Testing, Tumor Markers, Biogenic Amines and Special Protein, Special Lipids and Other Tests)

■             Biochemical Genetic Testing

4. Haematology

■             General Haematology

■             Coagulation

■             Immunohaematology

■             Molecular Haematology

■             Flow Cytometry for Haematological Applications

5. Medical Microbiology

■             Isolation and Identification of Bacteria

■             Isolation and Identification of Fungi

■             Isolation and Identification of Mycobacteria

■             Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

■             Direct Examination and Identification of Parasites

■             Antigen Detection for the Diagnosis of Infections

■             Nucleic Acid Amplification and/or Detection for the Diagnosis of Infections

■             Serological Diagnosis of Infections

■             Immunological Diagnostics

6. Medical Microbiology (Virology)

■             Viral Serology

■             Viral Isolation

■             Non-Culture Methods for Detection of Viral Pathogens (Antigen Detection; Nucleic Acid Detection)

7. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

■             Semen Analysis

■             Sperm Preparation

■             Sperm Cryopreservation

■             In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

■             Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)

■             Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

■             Assisted Hatching

■             Oocyte/Embryo/Blastocyst Cryopreservation

8. Cytogenetics

■             Prenatal Cytogenetics

■             Postnatal Cytogenetics

■             Cancer Cytogenetics/Oncology

■             Molecular Cytogenetics (FISH)


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