The following fees are payable by the Test Facility Management

Application RM 3000 / first area of expertise (valid for 2 years)
RM 200 / subsequent area of expertise

Type of Inspections:

  1. Pre-Inspection
  2. Inspection
  3. Surveillance Inspection
  4. Extra Ordinary Inspection


Lead Inspector :
RM 800 / Inspector/Inspection (first day)
RM 400 / Inspector/Inspection (subsequent day)

Inspector/Expert :
RM 600 / Inspector/Inspection (first day)
RM 300 / Inspector/Inspection (subsequent day)

Annual renewal fee RM 2500 / first area of expertise
RM 200 / subsequent area of expertise
Other fees (only if applicable) 
Administrative fee for amendment of certificate
Application for Extension of scope

RM 100
RM 200 / area of expertise
Appeal fee RM 1,500.00

Inspection fee, travel cost and accommodation are also payable by test facility for inspection requested by Regulatory Authority or foreign CMA.